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Cross-Stitch "The Lord's Supper", 1997

This is work in progess, it will be finished sometime in 1998. I have worked on this piece back and forth for the past five years. It is very hard to work on black aida cloth, maybe this is why I had to get bifocals. I have spent many days with migranes from working on this piece. It has over 100 colors in it and a lot of pearl floss. It was too large to scan the whole image, so you get to see the finished half. This is my new hope for a blue ribbon.

Evening Gown, 1980

This evening gown is made from a Vogue Pattern and is probably one of the most challenging things I have made. The gown is skin tight, so tight, that the sleeves required zippers at the wrist. It is slit up the front to mid thigh, which made sitting an adventure. From the waist, two butterfly wings were attached flowing to mid calf. It was a dress to make "an entrance in". Click on the image and see an enlarged view of the front & back of the gown.

Matching Skirt & Blouse, 1976

This was a point in my sewing career that I needed challenge, so for a year I sewed on border prints. This pattern did not call for border prints but I made it one. I had a lot of fun making this dress, matching the border flowers taught me that accuracy counts! ***Yes, this is really me, modeling the dresses.

Columns, Date???

This was my first work in crewel embroidery. Gee, I wish I could remember the date. The picture includes all the types of stitches. You are only seeing a portion of the work because it is larger than the scanner. I got into working in crewel for several years, our home is full of it.

Gauchos, 1976

Gauchos comeback in fashion! These were made strange, the waist had a flap that tied on both sides. Pockets were also attached inside the flap. The cuffs on the sleeves had drawstrings. I really don't think I have ever sewn anything easy. Almost forgot, knee boots were very fashionable at this time.

Swing Jacket and Skirt with a Train

This is my combination outfit. The swing jacket/cape I made in 1979 off of a 1950's Vogue pattern. The skirt I made in 1996 from a pattern I took from a 1895 skirt. I have always liked combining periods to make a new fashion. The swing jacket is made of heavily starched plaid linen. It is a full circle with draping sleeves. It you raise your arms, you can not tell there are sleeves. The skirt is very heavily and has cartridge pleating in the back to add fullness to the train. If you would like the pattern for the skirt, click here.

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