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I have been stitching since the age of four. When I was child, my family went to the county fair every year. I always viewed the ribbon winning stitched articles. So I set my life goal, to win a blue ribbon in the fair. I have won a few white and red ribbons at the state level, but never a blue one. I love a challenge in my sewing and I never go for the easy projects. The following are examples of my stitchwork over the past three decades. Some are handstitched and others machine.

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Cathedral Window Quilt, 1995.

This quilt is queen size and took over 5 years to make. It is completely handstitched and the quilt backs itself as you make it. It has over 20 yards of muslin that is cut into squares then folded very similiar to an envelope.

Cape with Matching Skirt, 1976

The cape and skirt are made a knit with a printed plaid to resemble a blanket. This style of fabric was very for a couple of years. The cape & skirt are three quarter length also called midi-length. At this time three lengths of dress were popular, mini, midi, & maxi. The skirt is made of two pieces. The center front and center back seams were straight down to the hips. Then the seam takes a sharp turn to a 45 degree angle and circled around the skirt until it ran out of fabric. Don't forget to click on the image to see a larger view. Check out those 4" lace up platform shoes.

Cross-stitched pillow, 1985

The image you are seeing is one quarter of the pillow. Each quarter is a duplicate of this one. I did win a white ribbon for this one in the Virginia State Fair. The pillow took me six months to make.

Tunic and Pants, 1977

The tunic and pants were made of the same blanket knit that was mentioned previously. It was a red, black, & white plaid and the fabric had a nap like flannel (boy, did it pick up lint). The style at this time was to wear the 3/4 length tunic open in the front and to tuck your pants in your bootlegs.

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