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All of the following articles are on our website. They are original articles printed in fashion magazines, books, and catalogs for the specific year.

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 A Year in Fashion: 1856: Hints on Braiding

 A Year In Fashion 1863: Needlework Patterns:

 Embroidery: Alphabet Pattern Set

 Embroidery: Edging:

Pattern A; Pattern B; Pattern C; Pattern D

 Embroidery: Oval Handkerchief Corner Pattern

 Embroidery: Pin Cushion or Smoking Cap Pattern

 Embroidery: Square Handkerchief Corner Pattern

 Handwork: Beading and Braiding Pattern

 Hearth Rug Pattern

 Braided Sofa Cushion Pattern

  Patterns: Crochet: A. Anti-Macassar;   B. Silk Trimming

 A Year in Fashion: 1865: Embroidery: Handkerchief Pattern

  A Year in Fashion: 1872: Embroidery: Handkerchief Medallion Pattern

  A Year in Fashion: 1880: Embroidery: Alphabet Monogram Patterns

  A Year in Fashion: 1894: The Art of Knitting: Patterns

  A Year in Fashion: 1895: Designs in Crochet and Tatting: Patterns

  A Year in Fashion: 1908: Embroidery Patterns for Ladies' Shirt Waists

  A Year in Fashion: 1920: American Girl Creates New Embroidery Fad (article)

  A Year in Fashion: 1922: Embroidery / Beading Patterns

  A Year in Fashion: 1923: Embroidery in Children's Fashions (English and French translations): Trends article

  Artistic Quilts

  Embroidery Patterns for Female Names:
(year)= the year of publication. Click on the date to view that year's pattern.

 Adeline: (1872)

 Alice: (1871)

 Amy: (1863)

 Anna: A. (1867) B. (1871)

 Anne: (1856)

 Annie: (1871)

 Beatrice: (1871)

 Berthe: (1871)

 Caroline: A. (1865) B. (1867)
C. (1871)

 Catherine: A. (1867) B. (1871)

 Cecile: (1880)

 Charlotte: A. (1863) B. (1872)

 Clara: (1867)

 Clare: (1880)

 Cora: (1863)

 Dora: (1880)

 Eleanor: (1880)

 Elisabeth: (1867)

 Elise: (1867)

 Ella: (1867)

 Emilie: (1867)

 Emma: A. (1863) B. (1865)

 Eva: (1872)

 Fanny: A. (1863) B. (1867) C. (1867)
D. (1871) E. (1880)

 Flora: (1863)

 Gabrielle: (1871)

 Genevieve: (1880)

 Helene: (1863)

 Henriette: (1867)

 Jane: (1880)

 Jenny: (1871)

 Josephine: A. (1865) B. (1871)

 Lizzie: (1871)

 Lottie: (1872)

 Louisa: A. (1865)  B. (1872)

 Louise: A. (1872) B. (1880)

 Lucie: (1871)

 Lucy: (1863)

 Margaret: (1863)

 Maria: (1872)

 Marie: A. (1863) B. (1863) C. (1880)

 Martha: A.(1871) B. (1880)

 Matilda: (1872)

 Mary: (1880)

 Nelly: A. (1867) B. (1880)

 Pauline: (1871)

 Rachel: (1871)

 Rosalie: (1867)

 Rose: (1871)

 Sadie: (1880)

 Sophie: (1871)

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