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Welcome to The Costume Gallery's Websites for men's fashion history. Menwear has always been the peacock of the fashion world. Below you will find links to menswear articles and images covering topics from how-to tie a tie to fashion icons. Links with a red dot are located on our websites. Those can only be accessed with a subscription to our Research Library. Links with a white dot are external and not located on our websites. They are free to access. To purchase a Library subscription, please click HERE.


 A Year in Fashion: 1814: Regency Era Men's Etiquette: Lord Chesterfield Online Book

 A Year in Fashion: 1847: Men's Fashion Illustation

 A Year in Fashion: 1882: Victorian Men's Etiquette

  A Year in Fashion: 1901: Men's Outing Fashions: Golf, Cycling, & Tennis

  A Year in Fashion: 1901: Original Period Patterns: Edwardian Men and Boys Shirts

  A Year in Fashion: 1901: Weddings: Good Form in Edwardian Men's Attire

  A Year in Fashion: 1904: Edwardian Menswear--How & When to Wear What

 A Year in Fashion: 1910: Menswear

 A Year in Fashion: 1920: Beyond Russian Comprehension: Men Shaving

 A Year in Fashion: 1920: Where Men's Hats are Made to Order

 A Year in Fashion: 1922: Uniforms in Rubber

 A Year in Fashion: 1923: Men's Suits

 A Year in Fashion: 1923: Band Uniforms


 Beau Brummell: Early 19th Century Fashion Icon

 Cowboy Hat History

 Hippie Men Wearing Beads

 History of the Dandy: Past & Present

 History of Men's Suits

 History of the Top Hat

 History of the Tuxedo

 How To Dress Like The Rat Pack

 How to Tie a Bowtie

 How to Tie an Ascot

 Johnny Carson Suits Ad 1972

 Justaucorps: 17th Century Outerwear

 KNOT-Kollectors of Nasty Old Ties

 Leisure Suit Inventor

 Leisure Suit History

 Levi Strauss Company History

 Mark Twain's Viewpoint on Men's Fashion, 1906, New York Times

 Men's 1960s Mod Fashions

 Men's Fashions in the 1920s: by Carol Nolan

 Men's Fashions in the 1930s: by Carol Nolan

 Men's Fashions in the 1940s: by Carol Nolan

 Men's Knickerbocker Trousers History

 One of the First Men's Shirt Manufacturer, Oliver Winchester, Biography

 Nehru Jacket History

 Pirate Clothing History: 1680-1725

 Teddy Boys in the 1950s

 Zoot Suits by Pachunco

 Zoot Suit Riots

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