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Elle -- 12

Elle -- 12 issues

A fashion leading magazine. Only $1.17 per issue. That is 67% off.

Esquire -- 12

Esquire -- 12 issues

The magazine of quality, traditions, wit and style. Only $0.83 per issue. That is 72% off.

Harper`s Bazaar -- 12

Harper`s Bazaar -- 12 issues

A magazine for the fashion-minded woman. Only $0.83 per issue. That is 72% off.

Mademoiselle -- 12

Mademoiselle -- 12 issues

Mademoiselle is the search engine for the twenty something woman. It`s the link to fashion, beauty, love, relationships, fitness, money, work, and much, much more. Only $1.00 per issue. That is 67% off.

Mirabella -- 10

Mirabella -- 10 issues

Fashion, health and beauty news for today`s women. Only $1.00 per issue. That is 67% off.

Marie Claire -- 12

Marie Claire -- 12 issues

Today's magazine for the fashion minded woman. Only $1.00 per issue. That is 60% off.

Mode -- 11

Mode -- 11 issues

The exciting new magazine for full figured women, that showcases great new designer fashions that make you look and feel terrific. Now you can wear what you like and like what you wear. Mode empowers you to take a chance with your fashion choices. Only $1.64 per issue. That is 45% off.

Pageantry Magazine -- 4

Pageantry Magazine -- 4 issues

Must reading for Pageant, Talent, Modeling, participants which is also important for directors, judges, teachers, coaches giving information regarding events, prizes, scholarship awards, career goals, success stories by noted famous people and inspirational stories to achieve. Only $4.00 per issue. That is 19% off.

Town & Country -- 12

Town & Country -- 12 issues

Society`s guide to fashion, travel & recreation. Only $1.25 per issue. That is 69% off.

Victoria -- 12

Victoria -- 12 issues

For women - including home and garden, fashion and beauty, crafts and collectibles, and children. Only $1.25 per issue. That is 58% off.

W Magazine -- 12

W Magazine -- 12 issues

Elegant, opulent and colorful. It`s the fashion magazine for the deserving woman. Its lavish presentation has gained W the gold medal award for fashion photography three years in a row. Only $1.25 per issue. That is 68% off.



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