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American Visions -- 6

American Visions -- 6 issues

A magazine of African-American art & culture that focuses on visual arts, history, music, literature, dance, theater, cuisine, film & travel. Only $3.00 per issue. That is 24% off.

Cinescape -- 9

Cinescape -- 9 issues

Cinescape Magazine, the award winning action/adventure/sci-fi magazine, is filled with articles on the latest releases, reviews, previews and behind the scenes action on your favorite Movies, TV and new media products. Cinescape includes three special double issues that cover specific interests. Only $1.99 per issue. That is 70% off.

Entertainment Weekly -- 25

Entertainment Weekly -- 25 issues

Stretch your entertainment dollar to the max! America`s most exciting weekly entertainment magazine. Stay on top of what`s hot (and what`s not!) in movies, videos,books and more from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY- Winner of the National Magazine Award. Only $0.99 per issue. That is 67% off.

Movieline -- 12

Movieline -- 12 issues

A monthly (except January) film magazine for adults featuring in-depth profiles, interviews and essays on Hollywood`s most celebrated actors, directors, producers and screenwriters, as well as timely reviews of current theatrical and video releases. Only $0.75 per issue. That is 75% off.

People -- 20

People -- 20 issues

PEOPLE has all of the inside news you crave about the personalities who fascinate you most, plus amazing stories about ordinary people and their extraordinary lives! When you simply have to know the latest about Hollywood`s hottest celebrities, super-star athletes and the biggest names in business. Only $1.99 per issue. That is 33% off.

Premiere -- 12

Premiere -- 12 issues

For an insider`s look at the hottest stars and the latest films. Only $1.25 per issue. That is 65% off.

Rolling Stone -- 26

Rolling Stone -- 26 fonts

The definitive source of music information and popular culture trends. Only $0.62 per issue. That is 78% off.

Star Magazine -- 20

Star Magazine -- 20 issues

Every week Star Magazine covers the latest celebrity news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Weekly features include horoscopes, puzzles, advice and the latest celebrity fashions. Only $0.92 per issue. That is 38% off.

Talk -- 12

Talk -- 12 issues

Talk ignites conversation about popular culture, politics, medicine, technology, fashion, the arts, and American society. Only $1.00 per issue. That is 66% off.

US -- 12

US -- 12 issues

Insightful profiles & provocative photography of the entertainment world. Only $0.83 per issue. That is 72% off.

Variety Magazine -- 50

Variety Magazine -- 50 issues

Variety is the bible of the showbiz industry. Whether its film or television, music or radio, interactive media or publishing, Variety delivers unparalleled insight into the fast paced world of entertainment. Only $2.92 per issue. That is 41% off.



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