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Doll Artisan -- 6

Doll Artisan -- 6 issues

"Doll Artisan" is edited to entertain, fascinate and educate the doll maker in reproduction of antique porcelain dolls. Subscribers/guild members to this bi-monthly publication are skilled in many facets of the trade, primarily antique reproductions. Only $4.99 per issue. That is 16% off.

Doll World -- 6

Doll World -- 6 issues

The magazine of choice for today`s doll lovers & collectors. Only $2.96 per issue.

Dollhouse Miniatures -- 12

Dollhouse Miniatures -- 12 issues

Dollhouse Miniatures is your source of news and inspiration in the world of miniatures. Each issue includes inspiring artisan and collection showcases, new how-to-do-it projects from miniatures experts, information on new products, important show dates and free mini cutouts! Only $3.33 per issue. That is 26% off.

Dolls-The Collectors Magazine -- 8

Dolls-The Collectors Magazine -- 8 issues

Dolls-The Collectors` magazine founded in 1982, has the largest paid circulation of any magazine covering collectible contemporary and antique dolls. Its goal is to further collectors` enjoyment of the dolls they own and to assists them in putting together outstanding collections. Only $2.49 per issue. That is 50% off.



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