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Homes of the Deep South
Pass Christian, Mississippi

All of these historic homes are located on the scenic drive along the upper Gulf of Mexico in Pass Christian, Mississippi. The houses date from the 1830 - 1920s and face the beach. There are several architectural styles but a similar theme of large porches and large columns are a dominant feature. Several of these homes were built in 1850s by New Orleans architects. Those homes and others are listed in the National Historic Register. Some homes have an extensive history and sold for little money over the decades.

An important thing to remember, Pass Christian took a direct hit by Hurricane Camille in 1969. The majority of these homes were damaged and have been restored. Irony as it be, I took all these photos as tropical storm Cindy was over my head. After a feeder band passed, I jumped out of our van and took these photos. We stopped taking photos when my mother phoned and told us that we were under a tornado warning. But I did take four rolls of film!!!

You have two options of viewing the house images, LARGE (average size on web) or EXTRA LARGE (for those who want to see close-up the architectural details.) If using Internet Explorer, wait for the extra-large image to load, then place your cursor in the lower right corner. A box with four arrows will appear. Click on it for a VERY detailed view of the home.

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To read several of these homes' history of go to Mansions of Pass Christian.


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