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Welcome to The Costume Gallery's Online Library Hairstyle History Website. Make sure to see our new article, "A Brush with History: Vintage Hairstyles."

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Areas to Research:

Click to go to A Brush with History: Vintage Hairstyles
A Brush with History: Vintage Photos of Women & Girls' Hairstyles

 Wigging Out: The Rise of Wigs in the 2Ks

 Feb. 1847 Hairstyles & Ornaments

 March 1860, Hair Wash Recipes from Godey's Lady's Book

 Feb. 1861, Hair Problems: What is the Reason?

 1863 Fashion Plate: Ladies: Hairstyles

 April 1864 Hairstyles

 March 1865 Hairstyle Trends

 June 1881 Hairstyles

 January 1893: Late Victorian Hair Care

 1899: Hair Care Textbook used by Hairdressers (entire book online)

  1900: Hair and Hair Products: Original Magazines Advertisments

  July 1901: Ladies Hair-Dressing a la' Mode

 1911 Hairstyles and Hair Accessories in Delineator Magazine

 1911 Hairdressing Manual (entire book online)

 1912 Parisian Hairstyles in Delineator Magazine

 1920 Advertisement: How Famous Movie Stars Keep Their Hair Beautiful

 1920s Hairstyle & Head-dress Designers

  • Jane Blanchot
  • Marie Crozet
  • Emile, LTD, London & Paris
  • Germaine
  • Cora Marson
  • Camille Roger
  • Suzanne Talbot
  •  1922: Guide to Hairdressing at Home (booklet)

      1950s Hairstyles

      1960s Women Hairstyles

     A Year in Fashion: 1920: Paris Fashion Trends

      The Angel Tour click on the link Angel Hair and learn how to create each of Charlie's Angels hairstyle.


      Breck Girls

     Clothing and Hairstyles of the Bog People (1310 BC-240 AD)

      Feathered Back Hair

     Finger Waves: 1930s

     Hair Archives: Vintage Hairstyles

     Hair & Headdress 1200s-1400s

     Hair & Headdress 1500s-1700s

     Hair & Headdress 1800s

     Hairdressing History

     Hairstyle Blast From The Past: The Flip

     History of Barbering

     History of Hair Removal

     Italian Renaissance Hair Taping- 2 styles

     Long Hair for Women over 40

     Medieval Braiding Directions

     Mullet Hairstyle Historic Timeline

     Nails, Weaves and Naturals: Black British Hairstyles and Nail Art

     Regency Hairstyles

     Victorian Men's Hairstyle: 1840-1889

     Men's Wigs- 18th Century History

     Hairwork Jewelry

     Hair Wreath, 1873-1874

     Hair Museum

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    SalonOvations' Braids and Updos Made Easy

    Authentic 1940s Hairstyles: Tips and Tricks For Creating Authentic 1940s Hairstyles

    Hairstyles and Fashion: A Hairdresser's History of Paris, 1910-1920

    Daring Do's: A History of Extraordinary Hair

    Fashions In Hair

    The Complete Book of Hairstyling

    Collectors Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry

    Natural Hair Care and Braiding

    Dressing Long Hair Book 2: Hairdressing And Beauty Industry

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