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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dating 100% accurate?

Our goal is to narrow the date down to a five years span, called a circa date. This is an educated guess by our team of specialists. Each photo is viewed and discussed among our team. Just like today, our ancestors sometime wore fashions that were a few years past their time. So we look for the newest fashion item in the photo. This is why we give the majority of photos a five year circa date.

How do I send you a photo?

All of our services is done over the internet. You must have a scanned image of the photograph. The images need to be at the most 72 dpi. Click on the "Summit Photo" Images can not be sent via the "Summit Photo" form that are larger that 500K. If you are unsure of the file size, try to send it via the form. If that doesn't work, email it to us via the email link at the bottom of every webpage. When you scan the photo, scan the entire image including outside edges. Sometimes the outside edges can be a clue to the date, besides the fashions in the photo. If the photo has writing on the back side, please send us a copy of that too.

How long does it take to receive your findings?

Generally seven days after payment is received. If it a holiday occurs during that time, add an extra day. If we are dating a collection for you, we will give you a different estimate.

How much does this service cost? It is $10 per photo. Once we see your photo we will decide to take on your project or not. We will email with our decision. If we take on your assignment, we will send you a payment request. Payment is expected before we begin researching on the project.

How do I make payment?

We accept credit cards and e-checks via an online service called Paypal. We have been using them for 1 1/2 years without a problem. You may also mail a money order or personal check to us. Services paid for with a personal check will be delayed for 10 days until the check clears.

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