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Cultural Costume Sites

The Costume Gallery's Online Library to Cultural Costuming Links that have images. This webpage includes but is not limited to cultural costumes involving the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

  • Islamic Women's Dress: The Question of Hijab: Suppression or Liberation?

  • Joseph Strutt's A Complete View of Dress and Habits of the People of England

  • Peru Image Collection of Textiles and Metal Objects

  • Women in the Aegean Minoan Snake Goddess

  • Tsam Masks - Mongolia

  • Carnival in Venice

  • Fabric of Time (Peruvian Mantle) Archaelogy Magazine

  • Native Americans Costumes by Regions

    Site Instructions: Click on an area of the map of North America and view costumes of Native Americans from that region or tribe. Costumes are also shown from different time periods.

  • Native American Costumes

  • Southern Native American Pow Wow Dance Regalia

    Site Directions: Make sure to click on each dancer's photo and view detailed images and descriptions of the regalia worn.

  • Spain Festival

    Click on the Photo Section!

  • Iban Warriors

  • Mayan Dancer

  • Russian- The Empress' Old Clothes

  • National Costumes of Hungary

  • Scottish Tartans

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