19th Century Parasols: Their History, Construction, and Restoration



This lesson covers the history of the parasol. It shows several pictures of extant parasols in my collection and provides links to online antique stores to view other antique parasols. It provides links that you need to obtain the parts and ideas you will need to make your own parasol.


This lesson covers how to find a vintage frame and the first set of step-by-step instructions. This will transform an inexpensive umbrella into a beautiful Victorian parasol. We will also cover materials and techniques.


This lesson covers how to create a parasol cover from an existing cover, and how to make changes to it. In addition it will show how to make a pagoda parasol. The instructions shows how to make a cover from scratch.


This lesson covers how to line the inside of a parasol. It shows how decorate your parasol and closure methods and techniques.

Joy Hobbs
Historic Costume Specialist


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