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Children's Wear Fashion History

All of the following children's wear articles and images are on our website. There are no links to external websites. They are original articles printed in fashion magazines and catalogs for their specific year. The photographs and images' websites are part of The Costume Gallery Websites' collection.

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Areas to Research:

 1st Communion & Confirmation Girls' Dresses Antique Photographs Victorian-1950s (index pages are free access)

 A Brush with History: Girls with Long Hair

 1828: Childrens Fashions (center fashion plate)

 1841: Childrens Fashions Images

 1849: Childrens Fashions Images

 1856: Childrens Fashions

 1863: Childrens Fashions:

 January  Children's Fashion Trends (article)
 Fashion Plate: Children: Group
 February  Children's Fashion Trends (article)
 Fashion Plate: Children: Bodice for a Young Lady
 Fashion Plate: Children: Dress for a Young Girl
 Fashion Plate: Children: Group
 March  Fashion Plate: Children: Group

 1864: Childrens Fashions

 1872: Childrens Fashion Images & Articles

 1882: Children's Fashion (plates Feb & Mar)

 1886: Bathing Suits for Women and Girls

 1886: Victorian Children's Fashion

 1893: Children's Fashions

 1893: Dressing Our Little Women (article)

 1893: Family Bathing Suits

 1893: Little Lord Fauntleroy

 1900-1920 Photos from Virginia Families

 1901: Boys' Outing Wear

 1902: Fashion Plates: Color: Children: (9 plates) February; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; December;

 1908: Dainty Millinery for Little Folks

 1908: Styles for the Month for Children

 1912: Boys Fashions

 1912: Girls Fashions

 1912: Toddler Fashions

 1918: Are Large Knicker Suits Doomed? (article)

 1922: Boys' Raincoats

 1922: Infants' Fashions

 1923: Embroidery in Children's Fashions (English and French translations): Trends article

  Designer Childrenswear Images: Jeanne Lanvin

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