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1920s / Flapper / Jazz Time Era
Wedding Photos

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This indexed area showcases our 1920s / Flapper / Jazz Time Era wedding photo collection. Today, there are 30 weddings with a total of 32 photos. Some photo enlargements are in a high resolution, 200+ dpi, so that the viewer may zoom in closely to view the details of the photo. Some wedding photographs have multiple views. The number of photos per wedding are listed under each thumbnail image that are shown below.

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Mid 1920s Bride & Groom
Minnesota, Massachusetts, USA
1 photo

Late 1920s Bride & Groom
1 photo

Mid to Late 1920s
Bride & Groom
2 photo

Early 1920s Bride & Groom
Exiting the Church
1 photo

Early 1920s Bride & Groom
1 photo

Early 1920s Bride & Groom
Exiting the Church
1 photo

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Disclaimer: This area is being presented as an educational resource of bridal / wedding fashion history that worn during a specific era. The Costume Gallery, or its owner, Penny E. Dunlap Ladnier, does NOT sell or make wedding fashions. IF you want a costume like on this webpage, we suggest you check with our advertisers shown to the right of the wedding photo thumbnails.

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