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Wedding Fashion History

Welcome to The Costume Gallery's Websites presentation of This website is devoted to the study of wedding fashion history through photographs, illustrations, and articles from magazines and books. Below you will find these categories in our Table of Contents. Wedding history time periods covered are from Victorian throughout the 20th Century. All of the following are located on The Costume Gallery's Websites.

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The Costume Gallery Website's on-going research project
The Young Victoria: The Costumes That Made the Film.
Includes an illustration of Queen Victoria's wedding dress.


Early 20th Century Weddings free access to index page!!!

1920s Flapper Era Wedding Photos free access to index pages!!!

1930s Great Depression Era Wedding Photos free access to index pages!!!

1940s Family Wedding Album free access to index page!!!

 Valentine Museum Exhibit: Actual Wedding Dresses from 1865-1912 free access!!!


 A Year in Fashion: 1856: Antebellum Bridal Dress

  A Year in Fashion: 1872: Victorian Bustle Bridal Party

  A Year in Fashion: 1876: Victorian Bustle Wedding Dress

 A Year in Fashion: 1896: Victorian Dresses: A Bridal Toilette

  A Year in Fashion: 1902: Fashion Plates: Edwardian Bridal Dresses: (3 images)
April; June; October

 A Year in Fashion: 1912: Titanic Era Dresses The Bride & the Bridal Party

A Year in Fashion: 1923: 1920s Fashion Designer Monge's Wedding Dress


 A Year in Fashion: 1853: Empress Eugenie's Wedding Trousseau

  A Year in Fashion: 1867: article: Princess Dagnar of Russia's Marriage

  A Year in Fashion: 1867: article: Ladies' Victorian Bridal Dresses

  A Year in Fashion: 1872: article: Bustle Era Bridal Dresses

  A Year in Fashion: 1877: Etiquette Book's Chapter: Wedding Outfit

  A Year in Fashion: 1882: Etiquette Book's Chapter: Courtship and Marriage

 A Year in Fashion: 1882: Etiquette Book's Chapter: Wedding Attire from the Nuptials to the Reception

 A Year in Fashion: 1889: article: Fashion Trends: Wedding Dresses

 A Year in Fashion: 1894: The Art of Dressing the Bride

 A Year in Fashion: 1901: Edwardian Social Observances: Weddings: Good Form in Men's Attire

 A Year in Fashion: 1901: Social Observances: Weddings, Misc.: Advice to Correspondents

 A Year in Fashion: 1920: Amatuer Dressmaking: Trosseau Innovations

 A Year in Fashion: 1921: Book of Etiquette: The Bride's Outfit



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