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All of the following fashion accessory articles are on our website. There are no links to external websites. Our articles are from original articles printed in fashion magazines and catalogs for the specific year.

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Areas to Research:

 A Year in Fashion: 1838 several articles, hoops, hats, shawls, nightgowns, cloaks, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1847 several articles and images, parasols, caps, bonnets, hair ornaments, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1849: Floral Wreath for Hair

 A Year in Fashion: 1856 several articles, hoops, hats, shawls, earrings, cloaks, petticoats, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1863 several articles, hats, shawls, cloaks, furs, handkerchiefs, petticoats, cravats, under-sleeves, night caps, drawers, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1864 several articles, bonnets, house caps, aprons, scraves, shawls, capes, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1865 several articles, bonnets, neck-ties, shoes, cameos, handkerchiefs, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1867 several articles, bonnets, crinolines, shoes, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1868 several articles, bonnets, riding hats, veils, jewelry, haircombs, fichu. cloaks, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1870 several articles, history of bonnets, riding hats, caps, petticoats, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1872 several articles, bonnets, furs, corsets, crinoline, jewelry, handkerchief, etc.

  A Year in Fashion: 1893:

 About Selecting Gloves

 Choice of the Umbrella

 Shoes: The Foot and Its Coverings

 The Season's Prettiest Fans

 Misc. Articles: Dressing Gown, nightgowns, corsets, & petticoats

  A Year in Fashion: 1894:

 An Effective Knitted Ladies' Necktie

 The Indispensable Apron

 The Use and Care of Feathers

 A Year in Fashion: 1897 several articles, cosmetics, earrings, veils, etc.

 A Year in Fashion: 1900-1902: Ruffs

 A Year in Fashion: 1901: Hair Ornaments

  A Year in Fashion: 1902:

 Dress Trimmings and Accessories


 Several Hat articles and images

  A Year in Fashion: 1908:

 A Pretty Kimono and Empire Wrapper

 Dainty Millinery for Girls

 Ladies Hats

 A Year in Fashion: 1910: Men's Shoes

 A Year in Fashion: 1911: The Importance of Good Corseting

 A Year in Fashion: 1912: Negligees

  A Year in Fashion: 1920:

 Corsets and Figures (article)

 Hand Fans of Fashion (article)

 Actual Accessories: 1920s Hand Fans

 Entire Ladies Shoes Catalog

 Where Men's Hats Are Made to Order (article)

  A Year in Fashion: 1921: Etiquette Book

 Bridal Veil

 When A Man is to Tip his Hat

 Wraps at the Theater or Opera

  A Year in Fashion: 1922:

 Entire Maternity Catalog: corsets, brassieres, infants accessories

 Entire Rubber Goods Catalog: Accessories: Belts, Raincaps, Bags, and Aprons

  A Year in Fashion: 1923: Band Uniforms: Accessories

 A Year in Fashion: 1923: The Fantasies of Fashion: Accessories (English and French translations)

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