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The Costume Gallery Website presents vintage fashion articles from period publications. The issues are listed in chronological order, beginning with 1580 through 1908. Frequent topics are current fashion trends, methods of clothing construction, textiles, fashion accessories, and etiquette.


Milanese Tailor's Handbook c. 1580

 About the Handbook

 Men's Costumes

 Women's Costume



Ladies Indispensable Assistant 1852

 Directions for Coloring Garments

 Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen

 Ladies Toilette Table

 The Work-box




Frank Leslie's

Lady's Magazine

April 1864

 Ladies Bonnets

 Ladies Caps

 Ladies Hairstyles

 Children's Clothing


Ladies Home Journal

September 1893

 The New Colors and Materials

 The Woman of Forty

 Dressing Our Little Women

 Hints on Home Dressmaking

 The Small Belongings of Dress



 Ladies Home Journal

March 1894

  The Art of Dressing a Bride

  Colors and Materials for Spring

  The Early Spring Bonnets

  The Art of Knitting

  The First Spring Sewing

  The Early Spring Gowns

  Hints on Home Dressmaking


Ladies Home Journal

April 1894

 The Art of Dressing for Visiting

 The Use and Care of Feathers

 Black and White Costumes

 The Indispensable Apron

 Hints on Home Dressmaking

 The Small Belongings of Dress


Ladies Home Journal
June 1895

 Mourning and Its Usage

 Designs in Crochet and Tatting

 Just Among Ourselves

 Hints on Home Dressmaking




McCall's Magazine

May 1908

  Paris Letter

  Useful Styles in Guimpes or Embroidered Shirt Waists

  Self-Transferable Embroidery Patterns

  New Styles in Jumper Gowns

  A Pretty Kimono and an Empire Wrapper

  New Shapes and Trimmings for Spring and Summer (Ladies' Hats)

  Dainty Millinery for Little Folks (Girls' Hats)

  Styles for the Month for Children


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