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Queen Victoria's Post Coronation Ball Dress:
Costume Rendering, Photo, & Video

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Queen Victoria's Coronation Ball Dress Rendering

Description supplied by the film's costume designer Sandy Powell:

As there was no actual reference to a ball after the coronation, or indeed any descriptions as to what she wore, I (Powell) had to invent the dress for this scene. In a way it's her first "Grown up" evening dress and as she dances with Albert for the first time it had to be vibrant and romantic. I used gold as a reference to the grandeur of the coronation but lightened, and brightened the look with contrasting dark pink of the floral decoration.

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Queen Victoria's and Prince Albert dancing at the Coronation Ball

Video: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert waltzing at the Coronation Ball

Costume Descriptions from The Young Victoria Costume Exhibit, Sydney, Australia

Queen Victoria's Costume: Dress is made up of a gold silk organza overlay and silk underskirt with silk lace sleeves, a satin velvet sash and decorative flowers.

Prince Albert's Costume: A beautifully crafted green wool tailcoat with a silver embroidered collar, cuff, breast and back. Cream silk lining finished with cream colored trousers. Scene filmed in London.



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