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The Young Victoria
Costumes That Made the Film

A comprehensive study of the film's costumes and accessories.

The Young Victoria chronicles Queen Victoria's ascension to the throne, focusing on the early turbulent years of her reign and her legendary romance and marriage to Prince Albert.


Queen Victoria influenced fashion so much that the entire period of her reign, 1837-1901, is named after her in fashion history. The Young Victoria film focuses on the Early Victorian Period, 1837-1841. This specific time period's fashions are known as the Romantic Era of the Victorian Period.

Two of Queen Victoria's fashions have greatly influenced the Western world, even today, because of her romance with Prince Albert. Her first fashion contribution was that she made the white wedding dress fashionable. Her wedding is seen in the film and costume designer, Sandy Powell, did an excellent job recreating the dress. White wedding dresses were seen prior Victoria's marriage, but not to a large extent as when she wed and afterwards. Queen Victoria's white wedding dress represented a symbolism of youth and purity.

The Queen's second fashion contribution was mourning attire. In the film Victoria's costumes show her in mourning attire for her uncle, King William IV. Her love and devotion for Prince Albert was so strong, that upon his death, Victoria wore mourning attire for the remainder of her life. Today, we still practice wearing black attire for funerals.

A person who has influenced fashion for nearly 150 years deserves an educational analysis. The Young Victoria film has inspired me to do this study.


A comparison will be made of Sandy Powell's (The Young Victoria's costume designer) costume renderings VS the actual costumes in the film. The renderings are sketches for the film's costumes. Generally in costume designing, the costumes may often change when their construction is completed, aka the finished product. Our rendering comparison is achieved by viewing high resolution images of the renderings. We will view the costume photographs and film footage of the actual scene(s) where the costume appears. Attention will also be focused to an interview and costume descriptions by MS Powell and the placards from a 2009 exhibit of the some costumes in Sydney, Australia. The Costume Renderings area is presented in chronological order as the costume is seen in the film. To view this part of the study, click HERE.

PHASE TWO: Will begin when phase one is completed.

Movie Poster showing Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
in their wedding costumes.

Queen Victoria's Mourning Costume for King William IV
Costume Rendering for The Young Victoria
Costume designer, Sandy Powell.



Male-50 years old: Really liked the historical content of the film. It was 90% accurate which is great for a non-documentary! The sets were stunning. Good date movie!

Female-18 years old: What a wonderful story! I liked it as much as The Tudors and The Other Boleyn Girl. I am taking all my friends to see the movie!

Female-75 years old: I do not care for royal family movies...but I really like this true love story.

Male-24 years old: GREAT SETS & COSTUMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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