This webpage shows the transition how we can take an antique photo in very poor condition and bring it back to life. It took one day to restore this image.

Row 1:

Left Image: Raw scan of the photo. This photograph had a lot of dirt on it.

Right Image: The dress and veil were so dirty in the photo that it had to be completely repainted on the computer. There was a pencil mark completely across the skirt's upper portion. The child also had a mark across her right eye. It was repainted pixel by pixel, at 400% zoom size.
Row 2:
Left Image: The lower half of the image's background was airbrushed to remove pencil and dirt marks. It was difficult in the raw image to see a curtain draped behind the table and candle. Upon close examination on the computer the shadows and highlights of the curtain's color were identified, then airbrushed in slightly darker shades.

Right Image: The upper half of background wall had several dirt and pencil marks. The marks were removed on the computer with an air brushing. I picked up the main color of the wall, then filled in the wall with faint transparent layers of the color. This was done to maintain the orginal shadows in the photo. The entire photo has been restored.

Photo loan: Private collection of Kathleen Mitchell.

  • Time frame: c. 1895-1898
  • Type of Photo: Cabinet card
  • Photography Studio: Lies'
  • Location: 10 & 12 Sixth St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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