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"A Princess Tea Party"

Gown Details

By Penny E. Dunlap Ladnier

A Long-Sleeved Scarlet Silk Evening Gown

Designer: Bruce Oldfield

Owners: Robert Hurtig (Boston) and Linda Sarna (Los Angeles)

Asst. Dressers: Penny E. Dunlap Ladnier & Colleen Callahan

Description: The hip length tunic is embroidered with flowers and leaves in deep scarlet bugle beads. The tunic features a unique cut hemline. The center front hemline lies at the upper hips while the center front back hemline is beneath the buttocks.

Other Photos of this Gown:

Backside View of Dress




MS Sarna is showing you the dress unzipped in the back. She is holding the original Christie's tag from the auction.

As you can see from this photograph, the definite difference between the tunic length in the front and back of the gown.

The skirt is of softly gathered scarlet silk. This allows the gown to flow freely when walking.


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