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"A Princess Tea Party"

Gown Details

By Penny E. Dunlap Ladnier

A Dance Dress in Spangled Silk Chiffon

Date: 1991

Designer: Bruce Oldfield

Owner: Ellen Petho

Location: Port Heron, Michigan

Asst. Dressers: Penny E. Dunlap Ladnier & Colleen Callahan

Description: The textile of this dress is chiffon with a woven tartan design of silver lame. The fabrics drape is rucked the fabric horizonally from under the bustline to the hips. This special treatment occurs from the center front seam to the center back seam. The skirt is very full and flowing with an added touch of a rolling hemline.

Other Photos of this Gown:

Backside View of Dress


The fine draping abilities of the designer is visible in the back torso of the dress. Look closely at the silver lame over the hip area of the skirt.

The top of the bodice was not lined leaving the sheer effect of the fabric.

This gown was this writer/dresser favorite because of the degree of difficulty in design.


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