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May 1908

"A Pretty Kimono and an Empire Wrapper"

This is an original fashion article that was published in McCall's, May 1908 issue. McCall's frequently included information about their sewing patterns in their magazine. The patterns on this Webpage are out-of-print. The pattern numbers listed by the costumes are the original ones given by their makers. We have listed them as a point of reference for the reader.

A Pretty Kimono and an Empire Wrapper

The lingerie effect prevails very largely in the handsome wrappers of the season. Though made of light woolen or silk, these garments are trimmed and elaborated in much the same styles as the lingerie dresses. In all the prettiest wrappers seen this spring light colors, of course, predominate. All white or white combined with some contrasting shade is very stylish. Pink, light blue, lavender, and pale green are all popular. Laces of all kinds, particularly the filmy ones, are used largely, and ribbons, both plain and printed, are very effective decorations.

Kimonos are used a great deal. These are made of silks, crepe materials and embroidered crepe de Chine. The designs are large Japanese flowers, birds, Geisha girls, fans, etc.

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front view

Original McCall's Pattern No. 1326

The dainty kimono shown in our illustration is of white lawn with a black ring polka dot and has a stitched band of washable cretonne around the neck and running down each side of the center-front. It is fastened slightly at the left side by fancy frogs of cotton braid.

back view

Pattern No. 1326 (above) continued

The sleeves are in flowing style, and are trimmed with bands of cretonne to correspond with the front. In this model they are full length, but if preferred they can be in three-quarter style. The back of the garment is cut with a bias seam down the center, which makes it hang gracefully. If a short kimono is preferred, the garment can be made up, as the pattern is perforated for the shorter length. The pattern is cut in six sizes, from thirty-two to forty-two inches bust measure.


front view

Original McCall's Pattern No. 2113

This wrapper is in one of the modified Empire styles that are always so graceful and pretty. Challie with a white ground, bright-red polka dots and narrow black hairline stripes was used for our model, but the design is suited for lawn, gingham, chambray, China silk, flannel, etc. The sleeves are made with the popular deep armhole effect.

back view

Pattern No. 2113 (above) continued

There is a yoke of allover lace and an attractive garniture in bolero effect of the same material. The front fullness of the wrapper is laid in fine tucks beneath the yoke and the back is gathered into the short Empire body. If preferred, flowing sleeves can be used instead of the short puffed sleeves shown in the illustration. The pattern comes in six sizes, from thirty-two to forty-two inches bust measure.

Bibliographical Information:

"A Pretty Kimono and an Empire Wrapper", McCall's Magazine, Vol. XXXV, No. 9, May 1908, p. 698.





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