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May 1908

"New Shapes and Trimmings for Spring and Summer"

One of the becoming new hats intended to be worn on the back of the head.

 With the change in style in the shape of hats, there has necessarily been evolved a change in trimmings. At the present moment all sorts of feather and plume effects are greatly favored. All kinds of feathers, ostrich plumes, tips, wings, coque feathers, paradise aigrettes and fancy combinations of all sorts are being utilized.

Many flowers are also being used, and in connection with the flower vogue it may be remarked that while at the present time large and

New sailor shape trimmed with white coque feathers and an embroidered band.


Leghorn hat trimmed with roses and foliage and a big bunch of aigrettes.

medium effects are most popular, later developments will bring in smaller flowers, such as lilacs, lilies of the valley and all such blooms as are adaptable to plume-like employment. The plume effect will mean the introduction of a new note in the flower trimming field. It is so long since it has been used that it will become practically a novelty. These flower plumes will be draped on the brim and, while attached at one end to the crown, will fall over the edge at the other.


Small twisted leghorn trimmed with two black wings and bunches of violets.


In conjunction therewith bouquets of violets will be employed, or else clusters of two or three other flowers, such as roses. The crown will also, as a rule, be surrounded by a band of fancy embroidered silk in metal effects, or else ribbon.

Ribbons are another important trimming item this season, though they are more used in conjunction with other garnitures.

Maline is quite a favorite trimming at the present time and promises to remain so. Its employment on the bandeau is even greater when the type of hat that sets on the head at an angle is worn. The hat placed on the head at an angle always requires a bandeau, and this is best filled in by maline.

Maline will also be utilized on the upper brim, as well as in novelty forms. One new rather pretty idea shows a plume in close simulation of an ostrich effect, made entirely of maline. The idea is novel and attractive.

One of the novel fashion ideas of the season are silk-covered hats. These, as a rule, are not entirely covered with silk, but the upper or lower brim and in some cases the crown of the straw shape is covered with some rough silk on the tussah order.

The large lace-bow trimming promises to become quite a feature. Some very attractive, rather dressy hats are seen made entirely on ring-dot net and adorned with a large bow of self-material. These hats are somewhat on the sailor order, but by some reason of the material employed are rather ornate.

Bibliography Information:

"New Shapes and Trimming Effects for Spring and Summer", McCall's Magazine, Vol. XXXV, No. 9, May 1908, p. 672.





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