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A Year in Fashion: May 1908

"New Styles in Jumper Gowns"

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Original McCall's Pattern No. 1759

Linen in a cool and delightful shade of lavender was used for this attractive jumper suit, but the pattern is just as well adapted for voile, Panama, light-weight serge, taffeta or summer silk, pique, lawn, chambray, etc. The jumper shown in the illustration is trimmed with a collar of allover embroidery and edged with insertion and narrow lace. The skirt is one of the four-gored models that are so easy to make, and can be trimmed with folds in overskirt effect or left plain as preferred. The pattern is in five sizes, from twenty-two to thirty inches waist measure. Our model is worn with a guimpe of allover embroidery.

front view

Original McCall's Pattern
No. 1888

Black and white checked woolen was chosen for this jumper costume, which is in suspender style. The model shown in our illustration has a skirt cut with nine gores and laid in double box-pleats, which give it a very stylish flare around the bottom. The side-front gores are extended into shaped straps, which are joined over the shoulders by three straight straps of velvet ribbon to the applied straps coming from the waistline in the back, thus forming a sort of suspender effect. However, if one desires, the skirt can be made up without these straps and with ordinary waistline. The pattern is cut in seven sizes, from twenty-two to thirty-four inches waist measure. Width of skirt around bottom, five and one-half yards.

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front view

Original McCall's Pattern No. 1589

Jumper or bretelle skirts are literally all the rage this season; and with good reason, for they are very little trouble to make than an odd skirt and are infinitely more fashionable to wear with lace guimpes or lingerie shirt waists. Wood-brown Panama was used for our model, which is worn over a guimpe of checked silk. The jumper skirt is cut with nine gores and has pleats at each seam. It is trimmed with black velvet ribbon. The jumper portion is in the form of shaped bretelles, or suspenders, cut in one with each side of the girdle and joined on the shoulders by straps of velvet ribbon.

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Continued… The skirts are oftenest made of taffeta silk, Panama, serge, linen or the new cotton rep. Pale blue linen trimmed with fancy white cotton braid and buttons would be very stylish and dressy for this jumper skirt, or it could be of pale-blue or white linen and be trimmed with narrow Cluny lace insertion. The pattern is in six sizes, from twenty-two to thirty-two inches waist measure. The skirt is about five yards around the bottom.

Bibliography Information:

"New Styles in Jumper Gowns", McCall's Magazine, Vol. XXXV, No. 9, May 1908, pp. 689, 721.




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