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Mardi Gras Court Costumes
Mobile Carnival Museum
Mobile, Alabama, USA

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King's Coronation Robe: Train's Embellishment
1930 Juvenile King James Van Antwerp, Jr.
Mobile Carnival Association


This costume is the oldest complete costume in the museum, for it spent 75 years in the king's mother's attic. This treasure is given to us by the Estate of Fannie I. Van Antwerp--mother of the young king.

Costume Description from the newspaper Press Register, March 3, 1930:

"James Van Antwerp, Jr. handsome little son of Mr. and Mrs. James Van Antwerp, was indeed a royal little lad in his superb costume of white satin and gold lace. The blouse of white satin with puffed sleeves, was trimmed in gold spangles and had ruffles and jabot of gold lace. The knee length trousers were ornamented with gold lace. The slippers were of gold with rhinestone buckles. His train was of scarlet velvet, bordered with ermine and embroidered with gold birds, and jeweled with rhinestones and spangles. The collar was of ermine on the back, the inner side being encrusted with rhinestones and pearls."
  • Photo taken at the Mobile Carnival Museum.


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