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The Ladies' Home Journal

September 1893

The New Colors and Materials

Author: Emma M. Hooper

Section VI: Use of Combinations

The economical and extravagant shopper will both wear combinations this season from choice as well as necessity. Velvet will be put with silk and woolen fabrics, as velvet jacket fronts, girdle and bias bands on the skirt, silk vest and draped collar and full puffed sleeves, round waist and skirt in 1830 style of wool, revers on the jacket of velvet that may end on the end as flat revers, in a second piece, however, over the shoulders. Again, satin is used in place of velvet, and the vest may be of a shaded satin showing the shades of the woolen gown and satin trimming. Changeable silk trimmings accompany changeable wool, and plain velvet, or changeable velvet and silk will brighten up a plain woolen gown. Fancy sleeveless jackets of velvet will be worn with a changeable silk waist having full sleeves and belt. The skirt may be of a woolen good in color like the velvet, or black satin skirts will be found stylish to wear with jackets and waists of bright colors. Where a gown is to be made over, or only a small remnant of woolen goods is available, the skirt, a gored or bell shape, is made four yards wide, with two bias bands of velvet or velveteen, each two inches wide at the edge, round waist back, with short Eton jacket fronts, folded belt, deep cuffs, sleeve puffs and revers on the fronts of velvet or velveteen; draped collar and vest of bengaline or taffeta silk. Four and a half yards of velveteen, four and a half yards of forty-four-inch goods and a yard of silk are thus used.

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