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September 1893

The New Colors and Materials

Author: Emma M. Hooper

Section I: "The New Colors and Materials"

Names for the New Colors

During the season many of the colors are spoken of by name, and as the latter does not often indicate what the shade really is, I subjoin a list of the chief shades and the French names by which they are known:

Popular Green Color Names

 Rusee- a dark bluish green.

 Emeraude- clear emerald green.

 Mousse- medium olive.

 Sphinx- medium grayish or mignonette green, also of the tint known as reseda.

 Muguet- a very yellow light green.

 Lagune- a light sea green.

 Volga- light water green.

 Serpolet and Caspienne- two yellowish stem greens.

Of these Russe, Emeraude, Sphinx, Mousse and Lagune are the taking shades.

Popular Brown Color Names

 Vison- a bright golden shade.

 Tobac- light tobacco tint

 Modore- medium reddish brown.

 Marron- a rich and very reddish brown.

 Sparta- champagne color.

 Beige- grayish tan.

 Castor- a fawnish light brown.

Popular Old Rose Color Names

The old rose tints are exquisite.

 Walkyrie- a bright shade strongly pink.

 Sigurd- a dark purplish cast.

 Diogene- lighter than Sigurd, but with a purple cast.

 Lotus- a bright old rose.

 Aubusson- a delicate and more pinkish shade.

 Bengale- the palest of old rose that is almost pink.

Popular Blue Color Names

A line of electric or greenish blues shows two favorites, Saphirine and Libellule. Then follow up the scale, Lumineux, Azurine, Olympia, and Loie Fuller.

 Saphirine- dark greenish blue

 Libellule- a lighter tone of Saphirine.

 Azur and Ciel- clear, pale sky or baby blue without the greenish tinge.

 Alpin- a medium light blue faded, antique or old shade.

 Leman- a paler shade of Alpin.

 Loie Fuller- greenish sky blue.

Popular Purple Color Names

 Ascanio- medium reddish purple.

 Ophelia and Verveine- lighter and pinker shades of Ascanio.

 Violetta- very dark reddish purple.

 Mauve- pinkish lavendar.

 Eveque- bishop's purple, a clear tint.

 Digatale and Lobelia- two light pinkish heliottropes of the peculiar cast called antique or old shades.

 Herni II- a purplish red.

Popular Red Color Names

 Ribes'- reddish pink.

 Roi- bright crimson.

 Provins- clear, bright garnet or wine color.

 Grenate- a yellowish garnet.

 Tangara- a clear, dark cardinal red.

Popular Yellow Color Names

Yellows are not as well represented as before…

 Epis- a light shade.

 Ceres- a lovely gold.

 Mais- a yellow cream.

Popular Gray Color Names

 Argent- silver gray.

 Nickel- a darker shade.

 Palatine- clear medium gray.

Other Popular Color Names

Only one white is admitted, Ivoire. Two navy blues claim recognition, Marine and Matelot. But one clear pink ornaments the new card of sixty-six colors, and that is Corail.

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