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The Ladies' Home Journal

June 1895

"Mourning and Its Usage"

Author: Isabel A. Mallon

Section VI: A Few Last Words

And now I am going to be a bit personal to the general woman. Be brave enough, if when some one you love dearly dies, not to give a thought to mourning habiliments unless you can afford them. I have seen whole families swamped in debt, handicapped for years, because they had to pay enormous bills for belongings gotten when the day of affliction came to them. Our dear dead ones will not misjudge us. The good God who sent this sorrow to us will look upon us with mercy if we try to do what is right. As for the world, it should not be considered when a question of honesty is to be decided. And it certainly is dishonest to get those things which we can not afford. You loved your child; your neighbor loved her brother and your other neighbor loved her husband, but none of these who are gone, if they could speak, would wish you to do what is wrong simply that you might be like the rest of the world. These words are spoken in all tenderness, and they come from one who does not believe the living should suffer for the dead, but who thinks that the dead would be made unhappy if they could know of the great effort made, of the burden carried, so very, very often, simply that the living may do as her neighbor did. Therefore, be wise, my dear general woman, and unless you can afford it, let your mourning speak only in your heart's memory of that one who is gone, and not in the gloominess of your gowns.

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Bibliographical Information:

Mallon, Isabel A. "Mourning and Its Usage", The Ladies' Home Journal, Vol. XII, No. 5, June 1895, p. 19.

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