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The Ladies' Home Journal

June 1895

"Designs in Crochet"

Author: Margaret Sims

Section VI: For the Dainty Border

For the border around the yoke and sleeves begin with 1dc in the second of 6 picots at the top of a wheel, 3ch, 1dc into next p, 3ch, 1dc into next p, 3ch, 1dc into next p, 5ch, 2tre into next p; retain the last loops of the 2tre in the needle; 2tre into first p on next wheel, work the 4tre off together, 5ch, and repeat from the beginning of the row. Next row, 1tre, 2ch, miss 1 all around. The next row consists of crossed treble with 5ch between them and missing 5st. To make a crossed tre begin by throwing the thread twice over the needle, draw the thread through the loop taken up, then through 2 loops; this leaves 3 on the needle, then 1 over; take up the third from the last stitch, draw the thread through it and through 2 loops four times to clear the needle, 2ch, 1 over, take up 2 loops in the centre of the cross and 2 loops twice to clear the needle, then 5ch, miss 5 and repeat, always starting the crossed tre with 2 overs. The next row is the same as that preceding the crossed trebles. Next row, 1dc into every third space with 7ch between. Next round 1dc under the 7ch, 1ch, 9tre under next 7ch; 1ch 1dc into next space; 7ch, 1dc into next space; 7ch, 1dc into next space; 1ch; repeat from the beginning. Next row, 1dc under 7ch, 3ch, ***, 1tre in first tre of last row, 1 picot of 5ch, miss1, and continue until there are 4 picots and 5tre on the 9tre of last row; 3ch, 1dc in next space; 7ch, 1dc in next space; 3ch; repeat from ***. The lower edge of the yoke is finished off exactly as in the first two rows of the border. The depth of the stomacher in front can be varied to the taste of the worker; even if omitted altogether the trimming is still handsome and effective.

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Bibliographical Information:

Sims, Margaret. "Designs in Crochet and Tatting", The Ladies' Home Journal, Vol. XII, No. 5, June 1895, p. 21.

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