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Fashion Date: 1912-1916

Hat Description: Left-side Lady: Flat brimmed hat with a middle height crown. There is a head of a hatpin on the crown's ribbon. Right-side Lady: Another flat brimmed hat garnished with a white bird with its wings spread open.

Costume Description:

Left-side Lady: When I first saw this lady I thought she might be a nurse or missionary. The large cross and the style of her dress gave me that idea. This dress has a rather unique style. First, I do not see a seam line for the sleeves joining to the bodice. The sleeves have deep turned-back cuffs that point into a V-shape. The bodice is in three pieces- two sides and a flap panel that comes up the middle. The center flap attaches on the right side with three buttons over the bust. Then the buttons switch sides at the waist. The neckline has collars on the front side panels. There is a second collar on the dickey or blouse underneath the dress. At the waist, the center panel is embroidered in a fan-like shape. The skirt appears to be rather full and has a deep hem. Her accessories include a pin or small brooch on her white shirt and a wrist bracelet. Her shoes appear to be leather slip-ons.

Right-side Lady: This outfit appears to be a blouse/shirtwaist and skirt combination of a cotton or linen fabric. The shirt is also in three sections like the lady on the left. Again, there is no seam for the bodice/sleeve attachment. The center panel is buttoned on both sides to the outer sections. The sleeves' cuffs are made in the same manner as her friend's on the left. Her skirt is not as wide as her friend. The skirt also has a tuck down the front center. Her accessories include a brooch on the shirt's center panel and slip-on shoes. She is also wearing eyeglasses.

Hairstyle Description:

Both ladies hairstyles are pulled up or to the back of their heads. Their hair is so close to their heads it is difficult to view the styles.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Sitter: None provided

Type of Photo: Photo Postcard, Size of image, 3.5" W X 5.5" H

Studio: None provided

Studio Location: None provided

Date: None provided

Other information: None provided

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