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Fashion Date: 1910-1914

Hat Description: Man: A fedora hat. Woman: This fur hat is wider than her shoulders!

Costume Description:

Man: He is wearing a three-quarter-length dress coat with V-notch lapels. The sleeves are a little over-sized. His pants have about a 1 1/2" cuff and show a nice pressed crease down the front of the legs. Accessories include leather gloves and a solid colored bow tie.

Woman: She is wearing a full length fitted coat that buttons off center and has wide lapels. She is wearing a lace cravat and ruffled lace at her cuffs.

Hairstyle Description: It is difficult to view the couple's hairstyles.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Sitters: None provided

Type of Photo: Photo postcard, Size of image, 3.5" W X 5.5" H

Studio: None provided

Studio Location: None provided

Date: None provided

Other information: None provided

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