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Fashion Date: Circa 1909-1911

Hat Description: Man: Bowler or derby style hat. Left-side Woman: Her hat's brim is as wide as her shoulders. The crown is a little smaller than the brim. It is made of a shiny fabric possibly satin. The hat is garnished with an ostrich plume on the left side. Right-side Woman: She is wearing a wire framed toque covered in fabric and draped with a black gauze veil which suggest she is in mourning.

Costume Description:

Man: He is a wearing a black suit or sport jacket. The lapels are wide and have a V-notch. He is wearing a light colored dress shirt and tie.

Left-side Woman: She is wearing a very tailored walking suit. The coat is hip length and has three large buttons. The lapel is notched. The sleeves have a little fullness at the top. The skirt has a buckle at the waist, hinting of a belt. Her accessories include a pair of kid gloves.

Right-side Woman: She is wearing a jumper style dress. She is wearing a horizontal striped dickey or turtleneck blouse under the dress. I tend to believe this dress is of an earlier style because of the fullness in the lower bodice. The sleeves are of the same fabric of the bodice, hinting that they may be attached. This may be a dress instead of a jumper if the sleeves are attached. The bodice has a square neck. Two tabs on each side of the bodice are garnished with three small buttons. Between these tabs and the outer edge of the bodice are three pleated tucks. The pleated decoration continues on the left of the skirt. When looking at the photo with a magnifying glass, I discovered an overlay on the skirt. It is about hip length in the front and appears longer on the sides. If you look carefully at her lap, there are no skirt pleats from the waist to her hands.

Hairstyle Description:

Man: It is hard to determine his hairstyle but he has no sideburns. It appears that he had oiled his hair and combed it to the back.

Left-side Woman: Her hairstyle is in a bun. Her hair is parted in middle and pulled closely to the back of her head.

Right-side Woman: Her hairstyle is in a pompadour or Gibson Girl style. Her hair is parted in side and pulled up to the top of her head.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Ladies and Man: not provided

Type of Photo: Photo Postcard, Size of image, 3.5" W X 5.5" H

Studio: not provided

Studio Location:

Date: not provided

Other information: none provided

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