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Fashion Date: Circa 1910

Hat Description: Man: Straw Boater; Woman: Her hat is as wide as her shoulders! This style of hat was very popular during this time period. Most of these styles of hats are seen in images when women are strolling outdoors. The brim and crown of the hat are wide. The crown is decorated with lots of flowers.

Costume Description:

Man: He is a wearing a dark colored sports jacket with wide lapels. His shirt and tie are white. The pants appear to be of a cotton or linen, judging by the large amount of wrinkles in the photo. The pants have about a 1 1/2" to 2" cuff. He is carrying a cane with a crook at the top. It has a metal tip.

Woman: I have seen many dresses of this style in museum collections. They must have been very fashionable in the summertime. Most of these dresses are made of cotton and very lightweight. The dress is made like a jumper and worn over a guimpe (blouse). The jumper bodice is made in a V-shape and open at the sides. The bodice is trimmed with a vertical slang of alternating rows of cotton and lace. The skirt has an overlay of the same type of cotton as the bodice. The overlay sides make points in the front and have lace inserts. The underskirt is of plain cotton. Its length does not completely reach the ground, providing more evidence that this was a walking outfit. One doesn't want a skirt to drag on the ground while strolling. Her accessories include a parasol and purse in her right hand, and light colored boots.

Hairstyle Description:

Man: It is hard to determine his hairstyle but judging by the length of his sideburns it must be short.

Woman: Her hairstyle is in a pompadour or Gibson Girl style. Her hair is parted in middle and pulled to the back of her head.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Lady and Man: not provided

Type of Photo: Photo Postcard, Size of image, 3.5" W X 5.5" H

Studio: not provided

Studio Location:

Date: postmarked Jan 12, 1911, two Guatemalan stamps are on the postcard. The postmark is from New Orleans.

Other information: Note on the card says Guatemala City. Addressed to Mr. (?) N. Bullington, Huntington, West Virginia, USA. The note from the sender:

Dear Nick,

This will give you an idea of the weather at Belize, British Honduras on Christmas Day.


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