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Fashion Date: Circa 1910-1914

Hat Description: Man: Straw Boater; Woman: Toque style hat with a large medallion brooch holding an ostrich feather. The construction of these hats was often done on a wire frame called a cage. They were generally covered with straw braid, canvas, and/or fabric. This hat probably has a canvas and silk crown with a straw braid trim.

Costume Description:

Man: Sack suit with a printed bow tie.

Woman: She is wearing tailored walking suit that is of a checked print. The coat and skirt are of the same fabric. It appears to be in a light color with a darker colored check. Note on the coat that the upper lapel, cuffs pocket edge and buttons are of the same color. Her jewelry includes a locket necklace, and a triangle shaped brooch at her collar. The brooch has some type of light colored stone on it, possibly a pearl. Hanging from her pocket maybe a watch on a chain.

Hairstyle Description:

Man: It is hard to determine his hairstyle but judging by the length of his sideburns it must be short.

Woman: Her hairstyle is in a pompadour. It is difficult to tell if her hair is parted in the middle, or all pulled to the top of her head.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Lady and Man: not provided

Type of Photo: Photo Postcard, Size of image, 3.5" W X 5.5" H

Studio: Flett

Studio Location: 1517 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Date: None

Other information: None

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