Photo Description

FASHION DATE: Circa 1890s

HAT DESCRIPTION: Round toque fur hat with matching scarf.

COSTUME DESCRIPTION: This lady is wearing a winter coat with that appears to be made of wool. Her full sleeves hint that this may be in the 1890s. Some question is that the coat may be as late as the early part 1910s. Two things make one believe that it may be of the 1890s era. The sleeves are full and the shoulders are broad. The sleeves have a deep cuff. She is wearing leather gloves to complete her winter costume.

HAIRSTYLE DESCRIPTION: Her hair is parted down the center of her head and pulled to the upper portion of her head. Her style is loose and is free of curls.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Lady: none listed

Type of Photo: Cabinet Card, Size of image, 2.5" W X 3.75" H (oval photo)

Studio: Wms. Burg Photo Co.

Studio Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Date: None

Other information: on the back of the cabinet card a note hand-written: Aunt Ana to Bernard, 715 Mosby St. Richmond, Va.


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