Photo Description

FASHION DATE: Circa 1895

HAT DESCRIPTION: A wonderful assortment of hats is perched upon these ladies heads. All three hats are adorned with feathers. The lady to the left may even have a bird on her hat. Stuffed birds were fashionable garnishes on hats during the mid to latter half of the 1890s. The lady to the left has a small brimmed hat possibly of straw or felt. Its crown is also petite. The lady in the center has a straw hat with a medium arched brim. Her hat is garnished with a large ribbon and feathers. The lady to the right has an interesting hat. It is often made of a flat piece of felt that is shaped on the edges to roll up and down like a roller coaster. It is held in place with a hatpin. It appears to have a small bow and two ostrich plumes waving towards the front of the hat.

COSTUME DESCRIPTIONS: A delightful trio of fashions is represented in this photo. Each has a different style of sleeve and decorations on their bodice. Because the skirts appear to be narrow, I tend to believe the fashions are more around the year of 1895.

The lady to the left has a fitted sleeve that is capped with two layers of what I have always called "Floppy Wings". There are cut from either a circle or a straight cut on edge then fitted on the curve of the armhole. Her bodice is very fitted and shows how wonderfully her corset holds her posture.

The lady in the center has a sleeve that is fitted three-quarters of the way up her arm. Then the sleeve makes a puffy leg-o-mutton sleeve. Her bodice is not as fitted as the other ladies are. She has a V-shaped ruffle from her shoulders to her waist. Two things to note about this lady. She appears to be holding a letter. The other is that the pin on her collar looks like a small sword.

The lady to the right has a leg-o-mutton sleeve that is fitted from her wrist to her elbow. She has a crisp wing over the sleeve cap. The bodice is fitted and is accented with a lace ascot. It appears she is wearing two small pins at her collar. She is also holding a handkerchief in her hand.

HAIRSTYLE DESCRIPTIONS: All three of the ladies are wearing hair that appears to be pulled to the top of their heads. The hairstyles are not flat against their heads like in the Bustle Era. The hairstyles being pulled upward were an 1890 trend. The fact that the hairstyles are not fuller or puffy does not make me think that the hairstyles are later than 1896.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Lady: None provided

Type of Photo: Cabinet Card, Size of image, 3" W X 4" H

Studio: LaRue Lemer

Studio Location: 206 Market St., Harrisburg, PA, USA

Date: None

Other information: None


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