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Halloween Contest 2006


The top three people who have accumulated the most CG points by Friday, Oct. 13, will win one of the prizes shown below. Make sure to view all of this webpage!!! The contest prizes are being provided by Details about the prizes are below. .



Two people will win any one costume of their choice from up to $170. At this writing, the most expensive costumes are located in their Theatrical section. The men’s pirate costume in that section costs $169 USD. It is a high-quality costume. The costume winners can be located inside or outside of the U.S.

Halloween Costumes from Spirit Halloween


One person will win the 29-piece Goulish Party Pack prize worth $234. This is a wonderful pack to set your Halloween dinner table or for a party! This winner has to be located in the U.S. or Puerto Rico. (see Shipping). See the detailed photos below, for what items are included in the Goulish Party Pack. The majority of the items are made of ceramics. Individual pieces of the Goulish Party Pack can be purchased at Spirit put together this Party Pack for our Halloween contest!!!


(A) 1 Crow Candle Holder $49.99

(B) 1 Ceramic Skeleton Serving Bowl $29.99

(C) 1 Ceramic Skeleton Serving Platter $14.99

(D) 1 Ceramic Skeleton Chip-N-Dip Plate $14.99

(E) 1 Ceramic Skeleton Punch Bowl Set $59.99
(10 pieces)

(F) 4 Skeleton Hand Flute Glasses $3.99 ea.
(total value $15.96)

(G) 4 Ceramic Skeleton Tumblers $4.99 ea.
(total value $19.96)

(H) 4 Ceramic Skeleton Salad Plates $4.99 ea.
(total value $19.96)

(I) 1 Green Guaze Table Topper $7.99

More Party Pack images below:

Ceramic Skeleton Punch Bowl Set (10 pieces)

Includes bowl, ladle, and 8 cups ($59.99 value)

1 Raven/Crow Candle Holder, $49.99

This is a very tall center piece. The skull above the raven is the candle holder. I don’t think the candle is included. But Spirits sells a variety of candles… some that look like the candle is bleeding.

1 Ceramic Skeleton Chip-N-Dip Plate,
Value: $14.99

The dip goes into the eyes!

4 Ceramic Skeleton Tumblers
$4.99 each, a total value of $19.96

4 Skeleton Hand Flute Glasses
$3.99 each, a total value of $15.96
Made of plastic, but so cool!

1 Lg. Ceramic Skeleton Serving Platter
value $14.99

1 Ceramic Skeleton Face Serving Bowl
with Metal Stand
Value: $29.99

4 Ceramic Skeleton Salad Plates
$4.99 ea. (total value $19.96)


Prizes will be shipped the week of Oct. 15. Shipping is free and included with the prize. The costumes will be shipped within the U.S. and Puerto Rico directly from Spirit. Please review their shipping policies at . If the winner is outside the U.S., Spirit will have to ship the costume to me and then The Costume Gallery will have to ship it internationally. Depending on how fast your country’s mail is, will be how fast you receive your costume. International costume shipments arrive later than Halloween.

The Goulish Party Pack can only be shipped in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The Party Pack will be shipped directly from Spirit. The Party Pack is VERY heavy and made of fragile materials. For this reason, it can not be shipped internationally.

Visit The Costume Gallery websitesThree great prizesEnter the Halloween ContestThree great prizesEnter the Halloween Contest

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