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Fashion Date: Circa 1874-1878

Hairstyle Description: Oh look butterfly puffs on top of her head. I believe its an 1877 Demorest that talks about those. A very lovely hairstyle consisting of fashionable artifical rolls of hair at the top of the head called butterfly puffs. They were sold as two rolls (puffs) joined that resembled a butterfly inflated. She also has little wisps of hair for bangs. What hair is not used in securing the puffs or neckline ringlets/sausage curls was pulled to the back of the head and secured with a bow. The wearing of ringlets over the shoulder was very fashionable during 1876-1878.

HINT: If you look closely are the ringlets near her scalp, the two ringlets were rolled or spiraled in opposing directions. When making ringlets it is very important to follow the direction of the natural curl or wave of ones hair. If you roll against the natural curl, the ringlet will un-spiral or un-wind itself very easily. At the nape of the neck this is very important, because of cow-licks.

Costume Description: The large cross was very popular in the early 1870s but this dress shows a higher hairstyle and neckline which makes me think maybe about 1874-78. The armscyes are still long on the shoulder and the front of the dress decoration (contrast fabric and piped bias) is more vertical rather than the more v-shape that becomes popular later.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Sitter: None provided

Type of Photo: CDV, Size of image, 2.5" W X 4" H

Studio: Johnson & Glenton Photographer

Studio Location: Nahua, New Hampshire, USA

Date: None provided

Other information: None provided

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