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Fashion Date: Circa 1882-1885

Hairstyle Description: This hairstyle is pulled up from the sides and anchored to the crown of her head. The upper portion of the hair seems teased to make the pompadour. I feel that probably not all of the pompadour is her real hair. She may have topsies (see note below) under her own hair. The reason I suspect topsies is look closely at the center part of her hair and where the volume begins.

Her ringlets are of medium size and a nice length. Look closely at the back of the ringlets and notice the hair from the crown is in ringlets too.

Side note: False hair to add fullness to one's hair was very fashionable during the Victorian/Edwardian eras. During this time, they were called topsies, in the mid 20th century they were called rats. One could buy fake or human hair through catalogs or magazines. One may also save their hair from your hair brush. Ladies would put their fallen hair in a container until they had even to make a topsie or rat.

Costume Description: The stand-up ruffle collar and armscyes that extend on to the shoulder place it in the 1882-1885 period. The V-shaped lace/fabric shirring at the neckline and ribbon jabot (tie) are also popular in this time frame.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Sitter: None provided

Type of Photo: CDV, Size of image, 2.5" W X 4" H

Studio: A.H. Lane

Studio Location: Waldoboro, Maine, USA

Date: None provided

Other information: None provided

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