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Fashion Date:Circa 1893-1897

***Both of the above photos are of the same little girl.

Costume Description:This dress has a yoke like child #11. It is gathered at a "high waist" to complete the empire look that is especially popular for little girls in this era. The main dress fabric is a small check and is accented with a solid color on the yoke. Wide lace garnishes the yoke. The sleeves are very full and fashionable for this time period.

Hairstyle Description: Her hair length is to the bottom of the shoulder blades. She has bangs that oddly come to a small point in the center of her forehead. Judging by the waving of her hair from the earlobes down, her hair had previously been braided.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Sitter: None provided

Type of Photo: Both photos are cabinet cards, Size of image, 7" W X 9" H

Studio: None provided

Studio Location: None provided

Date: None provided

Other information: None provided

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