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Fashion Date: Circa 1897-1899

Costume Description: This photo was for a special religious event possibly confirmation. She has on a large cross pendant necklace and is holding a bible and veil or handkerchief. The color of the dress does throw me off. Generally confirmation dresses are of light colors, mainly white. She might be in mourning, which could explain the darker colors.

Her smooth gored skirt is typical of the 1890s. The dress almost has the "empire" look popular at this time as well (the skirt appears to have a raised waistline or a corselet) worn with a full blouse. There are three tiers of ruffles that encircle the upper portion of the bodice. Neckline is very high. The sleeve style with the flat top, moderately full puff and elbow ruffle belongs to about 1897-1899.

Hairstyle Description: The young lady's hair is a wonderful hip length. It is fine and very full. The front of her hair is pulled to the upper crown in slight pompadour style that was fashionable for this time period. All the hair is pulled into a large braid in the back of her head. The braid extends to her shoulders. The hair is then tied with a large bow, and is allowed to flow freely from that point to the hips.

Identification Marks on Photo

Name of Sitter: None provided

Type of Photo: CDV, Size of image, 2.5" W X 4" H

Studio: Atelier Ftalia

Studio Location: Wurzburg, Germany

Date: None provided

Other information: None provided

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