The Costume Gallery Presents:
A Year in Fashion: 1921
Ladies' Dresses

Lady 6: Original Pattern #3248
Embroidery Design: #10806
Publication Date: Sept. 1921

Paris combines some of her best fashion forces when she uses the Russian closing, high collar and long bodyline in one frock. This type of dress is particularly smart for street wear for Autumn. The lower part is three-pieced and the use of the bodice lining is optional. Use twills, serge, tricotine, charmeuse, satin, or taffeta; or combine Canton crepe and satin with plaid wool or velvet; or use satin or taffeta with tricotine, serge, or twills. The band of embroidery in scroll designs marks the Russian closing. It can be worked in satin stitch or outline embroidery.

This dress is pretty for ladies 32" to 46" bust; it is also a good design for misses (teenagers).

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