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November 1920

"L' Heure 'a Paris"

Paris Flapper Fashion Trends

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The big hat follows logically upon the big coat. A small hat surmounting the big collar and draped body of the new wrap would have a turtle-like effect. The winter hats are wide from side to side.

The Paris hair-dresser tempers the Winter wind to the shorn lamb who bobbed her hair and arranges all that left of it 'a la Directoire. The bandeau is very fashionable for all types of hair-dressing.

The short-sleeve day dress and the sleeveless dinner gown have restored the bangle and the bracelet. Above the elbow you wear one or possibly two bracelets, but below it their name is legion and their number suggests the hardware shop rather than the goldsmith. Perhaps the Parisienne has heard of the Chicago fashion of wearing a different color ring for each divorce and counts her scalps in bangles.

Lanvin, Martial et Armand and a number of other French houses use the Victorian drop shoulder. In one notable instance it was seen in a frock of peach-red velvet with the bodice embroidered in antique gold and in another in hydrangea-blue taffeta with the design outlined in silver.


"The bigger the better" is the motto of the coat collar. A great deal of fur is used this Winter-- in fact, it will have to be a great deal if it is to meet the demands of the new luxurious coat wraps.

Article Bibliographical Information:

Delineator Magazine, Vol. XCVII, No 6, Nov. 1920, pp. 117.


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