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A Reindeer Gift
1920s Sami Woman Costume of Harjedalen, Sweden

Historic Masquerade Fashion Show
Costume Con 29

Costume's photographs & video

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Front View: Full Length Front View: Barmklade / Dickie Back View: Full Length Accessories: Belt
Accessories: Boots Accessories: Pouch Accessories: Antler Spoon

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A Reindeer Gift--1920s Sami Woman Costume of Harjedalen, Sweden
Front View: Head Shot


Category: Historic Costume
Division: Masters
Presenter: Judy Mitchell
Source: Ethnic Artic Circle Scandanavian artifacts & photos

Workmanship Award: Honored for Excellence: Reindeer Horn Spoon, Needle Case & Tinn Thread Embroider
Documentation Award: Best Documentation: Ethnic

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Below is this costume's video from Historic Masquerade Show presentation.

A Reindeer Gift--1920s Sami Woman Costume of Harjedalen, Sweden
Historic Masquerade Video Presentation
Costume Con 29 - May 9, 2011

The above video is the actual footage of the costume on the Historic Masquerade Show presentation stage.
Click the Play (arrow) button to start the video. Note that the stage is dark before and after the presentation for costume details in the introduction and conclusion of the presentation. You will see the stage's blue running lights during this time. There is nothing wrong with your computer or the footage at these times.

If you are viewing in Firefox browser and are having problems viewing the video go to HERE and download the latest Media Player Plug-In.


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