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 Arnold, Janet: Patterns of Fashion : 1660-1860

ISBN: 089676026X

 Arnold, Janet: Patterns of Fashion 2 : Englishwomen's Dresses and Their Construction C.1860-1940

ISBN: 0896760278

 Boston Children's Museum: Antique Fashion Paper Dolls of the 1890's : From the Collection of the Boston Children's Museum

ISBN: 0486246221

 Blum, Stella (editor): Ackermann's Costume Plates : Women's Fashions in England, 1818-1828

ISBN: 0486236900

 Blum, Stella (photographer): Paris Fashions of the 1890s : A Picture Source Book With 350 Designs, Including 24 in Full Color

ISBN: 0486245349

 Blum, Stella (compiler): Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898

ISBN: 0486229904

 Brandon, Marie Miller: Dressed for the Occasion : What Americans Wore 1620-1970 (People's History)

ISBN: 0822517388

 Brandon, Marie Miller: Buffalo Gals : Women of the Old West (People's History)

ISBN: 0822517302

 Curtis, Oswald, and Norris, Herbert: Nineteenth-Century Costume and Fashion

ISBN: 0486402924

 De Marley, Diana: Worth: Father of Haute Couture (Fashion Designers Series)

ISBN: 0841912424

  Gibson, Charles Dana: The Gibson Girl and Her America : The Best Drawings

ISBN: 0486219860

 Grafton, Carol Belanger (editor): Shoes, Hats and Fashion Accessories : A Pictorial Archive 1850-1940 (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

ISBN: 0486401030

 Harris, Kristina: Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques

ISBN: 0486404854

 Harris, Kristina: Authentic Victorian Fashion Patterns: Complete Lady's Wardrobe

ISBN: 0486407217

 Harris, Kristina: The Child in Fashion: 1750-1920

ISBN: 0764306391

  Harris, Kristina: Victorian and Edwardian Fashions for Women 1840 to 1919 (A Schiffer Book for Collectors With Value Guide)

ISBN: 0887408427

 Hunnisett, Jean: Period Costume for Stage & Screen : Patterns for Women's Dress, 1800-1909

ISBN: 088734609X

 Kohler, Karl: A History of Costume

ISBN: 0486210308

 Mattox, Brenda Sneathnen: Pride and Prejudice Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486297853

 Mattox, Brenda Sneathnen: Victorian Bride and Her Trousseau Paper Doll

ISBN: 0486283313

 Mattox, Brenda Sneathnen: Victorian Debutante Paper Doll

ISBN: 0486296326

 Mattox, Brenda Sneathnen: Victorian Family Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486408116

 Mills, Betty J.: Amanda Goes West : A Journal of Fashion History Through Paper Dolls (The Amanda Series, Bk. 1)

ISBN: 0896721094

 Mills, Betty J.: Amanda's Home on the Range : A Journal of Fashion History Through Paper Dolls (The Amanda Series, Bk. 3)

ISBN: 0896721221

 Mills, Betty J.: Amanda's New Life : A Journal of Fashion History Through Paper Dolls (The Amanda Series, Bk. 2)

ISBN: 0896721124

 Mills, Betty J.: Calico Chronicle : Texas Women and Their Fashions 1830-1910

ISBN: 0896721280

 Mills, Betty J.: Seven Sisters Follow a Star

ISBN: 0896721620

 Norris, Herbert, and Curtis, Oswald: Nineteenth-Century Costume and Fashion

ISBN: 0486402924

 Olian, Joanne (editor): 80 Godey's Full-Color Fashion Plates (1838-1880)

ISBN: 0486402223

 Olian, Joanne (editor): Full-Colored Victorian Fashions 1870-1893

ISBN: 0486404846

 Olian, Joanne (editor): Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from 'LA Mode Illustree

ISBN: 048629711X

 Olian, Joanne (editor): Wedding Fashions 1862-1912 : 380 Costume Designs from 'LA Mode Illustree'

ISBN: 0486278824

 Perrot, Philippe (translator), Bienvenu, Richard (translator): Fashioning the Bourgeoisie : A History of Clothing in the Nineteenth Century

 Poling-Kempes, Lesley: The Harvey Girls : Women Who Opened the West Paper dolls 1 of 3 volumes.

ISBN: 1569249261

 Rexford, N., Severa, J.L., Kidwell, C.: Dressed for the Photographer : Ordinary Americans and Fashion, 1840-1900

ISBN: 0873385128

 Ribeiro, Aileen: The Visual History of Costume

ISBN: 0896762211

 Schreier, Barbara A.: Becoming American Women : Clothing and the Jewish Immigrant Experience, 1880-1920 (exhibit book)

 Shep, R.L. (editor): Civil War Cooking : The Housekeepers Encyclopedia

ISBN: 0914046160

 Shep, R.L. (editor): Lady of Distinction: Regency Etiquette : The Mirror of Graces, 1811

ISBN: 0914046241

 Shep, R.L. (editor): Civil War Era Etiquette : Martine's Handbook & Vulgarisms in Conversation

ISBN: 0914046071

 Shep, R.L.: Civil War Gentlemen : 1860's Apparel Arts & Uniforms

ISBN: 0914046225

 Shep, R.L. (editor): Civil War Ladies : Fashions and Needle-Arts of the Early 1860's

ISBN: 0914046098

 Shep, R.L.: Federalist & Regency Costume : 1790-1819

ISBN: 091404625X

 Shep, R.L. (editor): Late Georgian Costume : The Tailor's Friendly Instructor (1822 and the Art of Tying the Cravat)

ISBN: 0914046128

 Shep, R.L.: Late Victorian Women's Tailoring : The Direct System of Ladies' Cutting (1897)

ISBN: 0914046233

 Shep, R.L.: Shirts & Men's Haberdashery : 1840s to 1920s

ISBN: 0914046276

 Shep, R.L.: Victorian Needle-Craft : Artistic & Practical

ISBN: 0914046217

 Smith, Pamela D.: Collecting Vintage Fashion & Fabrics (Instant Expert)

ISBN: 0964150921

 Snyder-Haug, Diane: Antique & Vintage Clothing : A Guide to Dating & Valuation of Women's Clothing 1850 to 1940

ISBN: 0891457135

 Tierney, Tom: Abraham Lincoln and His Family: Paper Dolls in Full Color

ISBN: 0486260240

 Tierney, Tom: American Family of the 1890s : Paper Dolls in Full Color

ISBN: 0486255158

 Tierney, Tom: American Family of the Civil War Era Paper Dolls in Full Color

ISBN: 048624833X

 Tierney, Tom: American Family of the Victorian Era Paper Dolls in Full Color

ISBN: 0486251144

 Tierney, Tom: Ballet Stars of the Romantic Era: Paper Dolls in Full Color

ISBN: 0486269205

 Tierney, Tom: Charlotte of the Old South Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486402118

 Tierney, Tom: Civil War Fashions Coloring Book

ISBN: 0486296792

 Tierney, Tom: Early Victorian Costumes Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486403688

 Tierney, Tom: Fashions of the Regency Period Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486293351

 Tierney, Tom: Gibson Girl Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486249808

 Tierney, Tom: Great Fashion Designs of the Belle Epoque Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486244253

Tierney, Tom: Late Victorian Costumes Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486403718

 Tierney, Tom: 'Little Women' Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486281027

 Tierney, Tom: Ulysses S. Grant and His Family Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486282848

 Tierney, Tom: Worth Fashion Review Paper Dolls

ISBN: 0486293963

 Tortora, Phyllis G.: Survey of Historic Costume : A History of Western Dress

ISBN: 1563670038

 Waugh, Norah: Corsets and Crinolines

ISBN: 0878305262

 Waugh, Norah: Cut of Men's Clothes : 1600-1900

ISBN: 0878300252

 Wilson, Elizabeth: Through the Looking Glass : A History of Dress from 1860 to the Present Day

ISBN: 0563214414

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