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20th Century Fashion

Women Fashions: 1960

Welcome to The Costume Gallery's research area for 20th Century Fashions during the 1960s. This era fashions are frequently marked by designers such as Givenchy, Chanel, and Pucci. The post war Baby Boom ended in the middle of this decade. Television reflected the way people dressed. The decade's fashions were heavily influenced by Rock 'n' Roll's British Invasion. The Mod look and the flower loving hippies changed our views on fashion. Mini skirts, loud printed fabrics, bell bottoms, and long hair, started a fashion trend that would last two decades. There were many fashion trends in this era as you will see by the references below.

Areas to Research:

  Australia's Swinging 60s & 70s

  British Fashion Designers

  Elegance After Dark: 1965-1979- Louisiana State Museum

  Hippie Fashion Forum

  History of Jantzen Red Bathing Suits: 1960s

 Museum of Bath: 1960s Mini-Skirt

  Sixties British Pop Culture

  The 1960s Ladies Style Site

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