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Women Fashions: 1950s

Welcome to The Costume Gallery's research area for 20th Century Fashions during the 1950s. This era fashions are frequently marked as the Dior's New Look. The post war Baby Boom was at its height during this time. Television reflected the way people dressed. The decade's fashions were heavily influenced by the birth of Rock 'n' Roll and the abundance of teenagers in the later half of the decade. There were many fashions from this era as you will see by the references below.

Areas to Research:

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 A Lady Can Make an Entrance

  Baby Doll Pajamas

  1950 Evening Dress

  1951 Suit

  1953 Dior Ball Gown:

  1958 Evening Dress

  Elegance After Dark: 1950s- Louisiana State Museum

  Fashion Passion through Patterns: 1950 Ball Gowns

  History of Jantzen Red Bathing Suits: 1950s

  Pattern and Images from 1950-1959: Sense and Sensibility Site

  Petticoats and Crinolines: Pattern Envelopes from the 1950s

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