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A Year in Fashion: 1922
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Traveling Salesmen

Model R-63273: Zephykote
1922 Wholesale Price: $6.50

The lightest coat in the Raynster line. It weighs only slightly over a pound and can be easily carried in a grip. Very popular among men who travel. Dull finish black rubber on high- grade olive drab sheeting- single breasted- sewed buttons- convertible collar- raglan shoulders- plain sleeves- two slash pockets opening through- plain back with vent. Length 48 inches.

Each garment packed in carrying pouch of the same material.

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Website Bibliographical Information:

Raynster Raincoats: Rubber Clothing Sundries and Naugahyde Specialities Catalog, U.S. Rubber Company, 1922, p. 7.

This business had stores in 35 U.S. and Canadian cities.

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