The Costume Gallery Presents:
A Year in Fashion: 1922
A Baby's Layette

Flannelette Night Slip..orig. price $0.49 4 White Flannelette Binders orig. price $0.23 3 Quilted Diaper Pads orig. price $0.29 White Flannelette Kimono orig. price $0.45 Nainsook Dress orig. price $0.69 Can Bonnie Babe Talc Powder orig. price $0.19 Pair Hand-Crocheted Booties orig. price $0.19 2 Gertrude Flannelette Petticoats orig price $0.78 4 Cardsd Best Safety Pins orig price $0.25 Flannelette Night Slip orig price $0.49 2 Wool and Cotton Lap Over Shirts $1.10 Cake Lane Bryant Castile Soap orig price $0.12 Rubberized Triangle Cover orig price $0.14 1 Nainsook Gertrude Petticoat orig price $0.78 12 Duckydown Diapers orig price $0.98

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Lane Bryant Maternity Catalog, 1922.

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